Welcome to Dallas Catering

We offer premier catering services for venues in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. Awarded as the 2016 Dallas Caterer of the Year, we made it our mission to deliver quality catering services with exceptional food. You become our guest and no matter how big or small your catering needs are; you will be met with the most innovate and creative solutions for the ultimate customer service experience.

We know that choosing the right caterer and perfect menu for your special event can be a difficult and sometimes an overwhelming task. With over 10 years of catering experience under our belts, you have access to our professional, world class staff so no detail gets overlooked. Our chefs are classically trained and like to start with traditional cooking measures and slowly create one-of-a-kind dishes specifically with you in mind. Inspired by the cuisines and customs of Texas and Southern flavors. We are constantly keeping up with the latest trends and offer our own visionary twists on traditional Texas cuisine.

From the very first phone call, to the day of the event our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your event. Flexibility is key when it comes to the catering world and we strongly believe that no two events are exactly alike, so your menu should always be unique! Whether you are planning a dinner party for a few friends or hosting the biggest fundraiser of the season. Maybe corporate gala or  celebrating your wedding day. We bring you current and innovative catering services every time. We can be flexible for any event. You name it, we can cater it!
Including, but not limited to:

  • Wedding Catering
  • Corporate events
  • Fundraisers
  • Cocktail parties
  • Graduations
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Holiday parties

Real Texas Cuisine: Big, Bold & Beautiful

From BBQ to Southern Comfort; we have a true love for food and are prepared to create menus for everything ranging from a backyard BBQ to an upscale wedding! Texas cuisine has a truly unique philosophy that pairs Southern comfort food with BBQ influenced meats and seasonings. We created our menus to reflect “gourmet comfort food,” merging innovative modern cooking with both Texan and Southern classics. We focus on serving the most authentic Texas cuisine and offer you our insights into what makes Texas food big, bold and beautiful!

Only The Best, Made Fresh By Dallas Catering

We believe every catering menu should be catered to your specific tastes. We care about where our food comes from; which is why everything we create is made with fresh from locally sourced ingredients and with highest quality meats. Our menus always reflect varying tastes and dietary requests. No matter what you require; vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant or are a meat lover we can deliver!
Any catering company can deliver a pre-set menu and most have a set menu they give to each client because it is fast, easy and convenient for them. But there is no creativity or individuality there, which is why we guarantee a menu unlike any other that is tailored to your specific tastes and met with a team of highly trained individuals who always keep an eye out for the slightest detail. Our boutique style approach to catering provides you a unique experience customized to your every need. Creativity, individuality and high quality hospitality is what sets us apart. We are not just any catering company; we are THE Catering Company.
No matter the selections, everything we create emphasizes beautiful presentation, creativity and one of a kind taste.

The ultimate combination: Catering + Event Management

Our team of dedicated event specialists can help you design a custom menu featuring a variety of selections for your event. As on-site catering experts we are here to make sure every aspect of your event goes off without a hitch. Not only do we give you professional and experienced chefs to help with your catering needs; We offer you full event management services to make sure your event is anxiety free and unforgettable. From planning to the perfect ending, let us help you every step of the way.

Our Catering Process:

1. Meet and Greet: We sit down and discuss your menu preferences, goals and vision to cater your special occasion.
2. Research and Create: We get the creative juices flowing and create a proposal that reflects your tastes and overall design.
3. Time to Taste: After you review the proposal, a tasting will follow giving you the opportunity to sample our food and experience our style.
4. Nailing down details: The last step is to move into floor plans, decor, and overall event management so you event goes as smoothly as possible.

At Dallas Catering we are committed to providing, fresh, locally grown ingredients and high quality meats that are beautifully presented. We stay true to our roots with authentic Texas and Southern comfort cuisine in order to bring you the best flavors. Our goal is to provide a stress-free catering experience coupled with the best food in Dallas!